Several of Hashrate Index's key indices are in a lull or a downward trend as Bitcoin's price stays below $50,000. Have we shifted course, or is the market calming down before making even bigger moves?
August was one of the most profitable months of the ASIC epoch on record, and it has something to do with those shiny new-gen ASICs that are supplantin…
In today's letter: bitcoin miners mined 15% more BTC in August than in July, older generation rig prices were flat last month, and more juicy databits.
One of the largest chip manufacturers in the world is hiking prices. Will others follow?
The last difficulty adjustment, the second largest upward one of the year as hashrate continues to come online rapidly, has put a dent into hashprice w…
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Hashprice is up, rig prices are up, and North American miners have never had it better.
The effect of China's mining ban is starting to come into focus as North American miners had their best second quarter ever this year.
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