Uptober just keeps on giving, y'all.
Want to visualize how China's ban has affected Bitcoin's mining landscape and its network? Hashrate Index's Q3 report paints this picture with the numb…
Uptober is in full swing, with hashprice and rig prices up over the week thanks to bitcoin's recent price action.
Fall is here, and while the weather is cooling down, Bitcoin and its mining market are turning up the heat.
China's latest crypto crackdown is its most severe one yet. And it's left us with questions, like what will this mean for ASIC production and, in turn,…
Hashprice is down, rig prices are flat or falling, and we're still twiddling our thumbs as transaction fee revenue continues to dwindle.
Bitcoin's price has plunged to the low $40,000s, and the mining market's public firms and mining profitability are down with it.
As we enter fall, some mining market metrics are cooling off--but for how long?
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